Global Financial Solution (GFS) – a superlative financial solution for service organizations - an accounting solution that can encapsulate the business model of any enterprise, connect to any system in this domain yet preserve in itself all the essential features of a regular accounting system. GFS offers a wide range of services under one roof. Each of those services could be a separate business proposition calling for independent review and analysis of financial statements. This need is further mandated by the Segmental-reporting requirement, wherein each business line would be treated like an independent entity for financial appraisal and reporting. Therefore, it becomes imperative for KGiSL to capture or configure the business model of any enterprise planning to implement a Global Financial Solution.

Moreover, as the business grows in the services industry, there are packages that are customized or custom built to handle the specific front office operations. With so many types of accounting software available in the market, it is difficult for businesses to decide which one will best suit their purposes. Many of the generic accounting software come with modules that overlap front-office operations and are often not needed and hence unused. There is a need for business accounting software that can easily plug-in with the back-office solution and keep pace with the complex business demands.

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