e-Attest is a typical document signing solution that facilitates the seamless flow of information in an electronic form by using encryption and digital certificates. Electronic business processes have provided the business world with a highly efficient model for transacting business. e-Attest aids to digitize all the communications and documents. e-Attest is available in two different versions with ORACLE / SQL / as back-end database.

  • Supports for most document types.
  • Digital sign for all types of documents (HTML,DOC,TXT,XLS).
  • Multi digital signature for a same document.
  • HTML to PDF conversion.
  • Documents can be sent as zipped or individually.
  • Multi documents in a single mail (related documents).
  • Comprehensive Document type setup.
  • Multithreaded application to boost the performance.
  • Maker/Checker facility on required master setups.
  • Bounce mail, mail status reports.
  • UI to trigger the Auto File Picker.
  • Bulk resend option for a period (Date wise mails to client).
  • Reversal handling of incorrect documents.
  • Complete Admin level functionalities to meet IT standards (password preference, account lock, kill session).
  • Meets IT intranet standards and requirements.

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