Dolphin Retail

Dolphin Retail

Dolphin - Retail is an innovative solution for integrating the various back office process of brokerage firms. Dolphin - Retail is the ONLY “fully integrated solution” available in the marketplace today catering to this domain. Dolphin - Retail offer a comprehensive solution for automation of back - office operations of stock brokers with near real time processing while maintaining data integrity. There are many back - office products available in the market today, with all making tall claims about integrated solutions but in reality, no product is as FULLY INTEGRATED as Dolphin - Retail.

Dolphin - Retail is not just another software product, it is a solution suite and is indeed a framework onto which you can build and deploy so many different components in a tightly integrated manner. Dolphin - Retail is built using the latest and best of technology (with .Net as the front end and Oracle as the back end). It is easily and rapidly deployable as it is using a web – services model. It can work over any type of connectivity be it Dial – up, Broadband, VSAT or VPN. It works on a thin – client mechanism and the branch level application is comparable to any other Instant Messenger application it is so small and yet so powerful.

Dolphin - Retail Solution suite supports all the major exchanges / segments / depositories in financial markets such as:

  • National Stock Exchange (NSE) Capital Market
  • National Stock Exchange Futures & Options (NSE F&O) Segment
  • National Stock Exchange (NSE) Currency Derivatives
  • Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Capital Market
  • Bombay Stock Exchange Futures & Options (BSE F&O) Segment
  • Multi-Commodities Exchange of India Ltd., (MCX) Commodities Exchange
  • Multi-Commodities Exchange of India Ltd., (MCX) Currency Derivatives
  • Comprehensive Collateral Management system
  • National Securities Depository Ltd. (NSDL) Depository Participant Back office
  • Central Depository Services India Ltd. (CDSL) Depository Participant Back office

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