Digital Services

Digital solution is to leverage technologies such as mobile, social and cloud to make better decisions, automate processes, deepen the connection with customers, employees and intermediaries, and pursue profitable innovation, all at a rapid development pace.

Digital channels:

Transform pre-purchase, purchase, servicing, renewals, claims handling and management, payments, and customer feedback and resolution will become digital.


i.) Digital self-service platform for customers

To create unique customer experiences through new combinations of information, business resources and digital technologies, inspiring mobile apps and portals are provided in the solution suite.

Customer Self-service portals and customer mobile apps provide round-the-clock access to customers and sets up an ideal platform for new/renew/cross/upsell opportunities. Routine activities such as viewing and amending policies, tracking claims and paying bills can be migrated to digital portals leading to better customer engagement and lower expense ratios.

ii.) Digital sales platform for Agents and brokers from anywhere and any device

NSURE’s digital solution enhances the sales effectiveness of agents and brokers with mobility apps and collaborative technologies and leverage social media platforms effectively.

Agents can access online documentation of the products, play a video to demonstrate products, execute new products sales, close out cross and upsell opportunities faster, get electronic signatures and enable payment online. Eventually, it is a one stop-shop to close out all transactions and on-board the customer in minutes.

Digital customer relationship management:

Modern insurance call centers must have a seamless, real-time, 360-degree view of social media engagement, mobile application interaction, and geo-awareness from IoT sensors. NSURE’s digital solution supports modernized integration infrastructure with up-to-date web API, cloud-based services, IoT aware connectivity, as well as traditional integration infrastructure and data integration.

Operational Agility - Optimization of front-end and back office processes

NSURE’s digital solution comes with business process management and rules engine software to enable straight-through processing (STP) across the insurance value chain. Digitization of sales & marketing platforms, dynamic product builder, powerful rating and rule engine, automation of underwriting process, claims management and financial operations will bring the complete digital transformation.

Digital platform to drive internal collaboration

Employees enabled with digital collaboration tools can immensely transform customer experience and bring about higher productivity gains

Better Risk Management

Customer-risk profiling based on historical and current data with respect to premiums paid, Claims made, timeline of sales, lead time, and specific event occurrences that increases applicability for certain insurance products can now be enabled by NSURE’s data analytics solution and digital technologies.

The ability to mine the digital data consumers leave behind on the internet, social media, driving apps and even health-monitoring wearables could help to better target customers, price and underwrite policies more accurately, and manage claims more effectively.

Algorithmic risk assessment

Insurance companies are now capturing new data from the "Internet of Everything" and require the ability to process massive amounts of streaming information from devices. Digital insurance data is fast and streaming market data. NSURE’s digital solution apply streaming analytics technology and continuous algorithmic analysis to continuously monitor streaming data to manage risk, continuously track subscriber loyalty, and continuously search for sales opportunities.

Modern application design:

New insurance customers demand information and service on mobile devices and the web, which are completely different design philosophies. Digital solution comes with modern appealing design for its mobile apps and portals.

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